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Wide range of cucumbers and tomatoes

Our domestic products

Our domestic products primarily include field and greenhouse cucumbers, tomatoes, as well as potatoes and various ground-grown vegetables. We collaborate with experienced farmers and specialists to ensure our customers receive vegetables of excellent quality, rich taste, and appetizing appearance. Our products reach retail chains, the traditional market, and are also exported.

Striving to meet all the needs of our customers, we offer a wide range of varieties of our vegetables in various packaging.

Highest quality is our goal

Delivery always on time

In our work, we focus on the fast and secure delivery of fresh vegetables to our customers. Supply chain management is a key element that allows us to maintain high-quality products and minimize the time between harvesting and delivery. Through careful supplier selection and collaborative relationships with producers, we can provide customers with access to fresh, healthy, locally sourced vegetables.

We offer imported products

Fruits and vegetables

In addition to our production activities, our company is also involved in importing fruits and vegetables from various parts of the world. Our goal is to provide our partners with a diverse selection of top-quality products and meet even the most demanding needs of our customers.

The fruits and vegetables we offer come from European countries: Spain, Italy, Greece, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia, Moldova, Macedonia, Albania, as well as Turkey. We collaborate with selected producers who are well acquainted with the Polish market and the needs of Polish consumers, allowing us to guarantee a rich offering of fruits and vegetables tailored to our customers’ requirements.

We build lasting business relationships

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In our company, we focus on delivering top-quality products, but also on building enduring business relationships based on trust and professionalism.

We are ready to meet your expectations and offer a wide range of high-quality assortment.

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A few words about us

The Fructe company was established in 2011, focusing on two key sectors: trading in fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as transportation.

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